Community LINK

Community LINK

2012 Simon Porfirio Memorial Trophy

LINK is known for working hard and enjoying on and off the field. Simon has ensured that LINK is known as a serious competitor and contributes to the industry in positive ways by supporting community as well as client events. Simon had a great deal of knowledge for proper “golf course management”. That knowledge transfer has been effective. In honour of Mr. Simoes, LINK’s cast of participants took home first place at the 11th Annual Portuguese Texas Scramble Open Tournament held at the prestigious Cougar Creek Golf Resort. Simon was gratefully honoured with a 2012 Memorial Trophy. LINK thanks the organizing committee of the Annual Portuguese Tournament for another yearly successful event!


LINK congratulates Senior High School W.P. Wagner Warriors
2012 City Champions – Gilfillan Conference

In the last game of their season, the W.P. Wagner Warriors avenged last year’s loss to the Strathcona Lords in the Gilfillan conference city final by defeating the McNally Tigers 17-9 at Foote Field on Saturday. The win is doubly sweet for the Warriors, as the two teams played each other to the bone in a thriller of a regular season game that saw the Tigers down the Warriors 17-14 on the strength of a last second field goal. It was the kind of loss that sticks in the minds of a football team and it served as a stern wake-up call for the Warriors.

“The kids really stepped up, that loss to McNally really spurred us on to play that much harder and to make ourselves that much better to win that game,” says Warriors head coach, Ravic Ahrens.

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LINK at the annual City of Edmonton Heritage Days Festival

A continuing tradition, LINK proudly contributes to Edmonton’s multicultural diversity. This is a community project that LINK is always happy to be a part of. Checkout the St. David Welsh Society of Edmonton Pavilion during your next visit to Heritage Days!

“For many years our Society has hired your company at the annual Heritage Days. On every occasion, we have been impressed by the professionalism of your company, and your crews. You have undertaken the jobs with consideration, and understanding, and have been extremely helpful to our volunteers, manning our pavilion” says Pavilion Manager, John Isitt.


LINK Features 2012 Viking Fire and Rescue “Fire Fit” Competition

When you hear sirens and see lights flashing on Saturday, June 23 at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, do not be alarmed. Rather, take this is as your cue to head to the cement pad behind the Viking Medical Clinic to watch as members of the Viking Fire and Rescue host and take part in a Fire Fit competition which they have been training for. Part of the event will include individual competition, but it will mostly be team events in the form of a relay race. In full gear, members will climb to the top of the four story scaffolding which was commissioned for training carrying a 40 pound hose pack. They must lift a 50 pound hose to the top with a rope. On the way down, they must hit every stair. Another portion of the event will include members moving a kaiser machine five feet with a sledgehammer. So far, there are four teams registered, coming from as far as Okotoks and Edson, and Viking Fire and Rescue are hoping for more. Training Officer Kyle Swinamer says, “It is meant to be a day full of camaraderie and to give community members a better idea of the training involved in the position.” It promises to be an exciting display of skill and endurance and everyone is invited to bring lawn chairs and watch the competition.

Lorraine Poulsen
Viking Weekly Review