High Platforms, High Safety Standards, but Above all Family

A Tribute to LSSI founder Simon “Porfirio” Simoes

Link Scaffold Services Inc. (LSSI) has always been a family owned and -operated company. Started in March 2001 by the Simões family (which is of Portuguese heritage), the safety oriented, cost-efficient scaffold solutions company celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2011. Joao (Johnny) Simões, LSSI’s current president, took over in the spring of 2011 from his father, Porfirio (Simon) Simões, who recently passed away on Nov. 17, 2011. Johnny, with the help of his sister Paula jointly shares the leadership role of the company.

Johnny and Paula have been with the company every step of the way. He explains, “My father has always worked in the industry, so naturally I just followed in his footsteps. My father was a true believer that one needs to learn from the ground up. Paula and I started at the very bottom with Paula as the receptionist and myself in the field. Once I learned the industry, I was hooked. This company is a very important part of my families’ lives. We have a lot of friends and family that work here. When an employee starts with LSSI they are quickly aware that they are part of a family. This was my father’s tradition and Paula and I want to continue it that way.” LSSI is continually committed to excellence for every client. The company has experienced substantial growth over the years.

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