Company Statement:

  • We believe in a safe and healthy work environment.
  • We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable.
  • That all hazards are controllable.
  • That safety is everyone’s role in achieving zero incidents.
  • That all incidents and accidents should be reported.
  • We believe in educating, training, and supporting our supervisors and employees to plan and intervene to maintain a safe work environment.
  • We believe in exercising due-diligence and emphasizing the need to adhere to all safe work practices and procedures.
  • That a pre-task hazard assessment must be completed before any work is to be done.
  • That unacceptable behaviour and conditions will be corrected
  • We believe in giving the customer what they want
  • We believe in customer satisfaction

Industry Workplace Health and Safety Memberships

Link Scaffold Services Inc. is a proud recognized member of the following safety organizations.

Alberta Government Certificate of Recognition for Partnerships in Health and Safety
HSE ComplyWorks
Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (Naaba)
S.A.I.A. (Scaffold & Access Association of Alberta)
A.C.S.A (Alberta construction Association of Alberta)
C.L.A.C (Christian Labour Association of Canada)
WCB Alberta – SaskatchewanBritish Columbia